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November 02, 2008


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william dennis

tushay 'MF'...tushay


@Mervyn :
How can you be sure the Jackal is Jack Carver ?


*Not nacho, cdoig1. Ooops, I guess I'm a bad journalist.


It's not exploitation its creating a character in order to convey a compelling message to the audience. How is it different from books? Newspapers? Journalists get paid to take photos and write reports on horrid awful things and then they submit them to the newspapers or whatever only to be printed and sold to some dumb-fuck with a cup of coffee. And what happens to the journalist? He will wake up the next day and do it all over again. "nacho" talks about the "ignorant Americans" who don't do anything but at the end of his day what has he done to help them? Snapped some photos? Wrote an article? He's hoping that someone will read it and do something for him, take action in his place. It's easy to point the finger at other people, to say it's their fault. To get outraged at others lack of action while you sit idly by watching, reporting. Thumbing your pen while you watch others starve, using adjectives to describe how awful of a place you're visiting. I hope you die of cancer the day before a loved-one gets married, you sorry scum-sucking, insulting,asshole.


The Jackal is a way to show us whats truly happening. he may not be real but there are men like him.


sin palabras....


Hello, I an a south African journalist currently positioned in the democratic republic of Congo covering the horendous effects of the illigal dimond trade that to this day plunders this allready toppling country and I must say, I too was deeply taken into this blog which vividly explains the horrors that are ouccuring at this very moment. As I delved into the origins of this blog and slowly began to realize how low and desperate some producers are to get a quick buck for movie or gaming device of some sort, I was simply mortified. Seeing what I have seen in Congo; children forced to kill their families, the Rape of innocent women both by the brutal malitia not to mention the governments own troops! But having a fictional character documenting HIS absolutly horrid experience in the middle of bum-fuck nowhere? How dare they exploit the misfortunes of others to gain publicity on a product of entertainment? I for one am absolutly furious. So as you read this article, oh sure, go back to your movies and games and pretend this isn't happening just because ignorant Americans such as yourself are not affected by it, think again! And to the developers of this blog this message is for you; your ignorance blinds you, and quite frankly you make me sick to my very stomach, as I am quite sure it is fair to say you are lower than the very dirt that I walk upon



Its rong to do this. Sure, play ya xbox n (far cry 2)n shoot the fuck out of who ever. But people trying to educate themselfs on real conflicts in Africa where there has been mass amounts of horrible shit, dont realise this is a fake!! respect for this sort of shit comes when war is more than entertainment. When you have seen it with your own eyes. Or the affects of some one close to you that has! T!


Fictional character or not. I think the man/character is a(work of) genius.


beep beep i'm a jeep


the point about him is that he is a nihilist. The reason he does what he does is that there is no rationalization required in what he does, in killing, in life, in anything. His reason for doing what he does is that he doesnt need a reason.

CN x CHeMiiCaLz [DoW]

Just play the damn game Farcry2 you can pick tapes these up for achivements in the game and give them to an in-game character named reuben oluwagembi... this is all horseshit!

CN x CHeMiiCaLz [DoW]

Jeeeez Kidz if uve played Farcry2 this shit is the exact same as the plot........... IS FAKE a Bumass guy made this site its not real, if it was... on the news wed see in america WMDs are goin to south Africa to kill the jackal, yep that sound oh so vrey true... Fuckin Retards.

just a guy

"whats the difference beteen The Jackal and The lion they both kill...."............u don't get it do you...........well the difference is that the lion kills for his survival.........and i thing "the jakal" kills for pleasure......


Im am not understanding this at all, please someone tell me, is this real?!?!?!?!


Most of you are fucking mugs,don't you realise that it is all fake.Did you ever consider that those tapes are not only in English but in many different languages and therefore unreal tapes only made for this game ONLY.Think for fuck sake.You are all part of the bloody fuckin' flock.


powerfull message


@ TomR

They're not real, this site is a clever way of marketing the game.


Jackal is Jack Carver


How can they just use the jackal recordings in a game, that is if they are real?


Is there any way anyone can tell me how to or where to download these files, I want to convert them for my Ipod


Your story seems quite interesting but there is just one thing I would like to say: Why was it ignored by the media? This story must be published to show the true horrors of war in Africa and around the globe!



umm.. this is ubisoft promotional right?


While the Jackal himself comes across outwardly as something of a nasty piece of work, I can sense he's a man who's been failed by the world. He has obviously seen through the wrongs of political sensibility, what people can do to justify conflict and suffering, and also what poeple are willing to do when desperate; He's a desperate man himself. In some ways I can emphasise with him that the AK-47 can be a "great equaliser" - He definetely abides by the means justifying the ends.
Even if he sounds like a monster on most of these tapes, there is a lot of truth about human nature and war.


Points raised in these tapes have a way of getting under your skin and causing a resonating effect within us, the same is true for some of his words to me. However, the Jackal for all his reasoning, logic and cynical outlooks, insightful and enthralling as they may be, forgets to take into account just how random, sporadic, fickle(whatever word you choose to describe it) the human race can, has and will be. He tries to rationalise glorified animal instinct and subsequent action in a world that has become what the super predator of mankind thrives in, or at least humanity is in the process of finding a way to do so in an environment it creates for itself, intentionally or not. Hell, anyone, his philosophical backers included can accuse me of the same thing. But in the end, all it comes down to is an argument of the same logic, reasoning, personal opinions coalesced by uncountable experiences, lessons and parallel views that assures, concretes a singular focal grouping of beliefs of the assumption that it is fundamentally right. The same logic and reasoning that demands that something that requires no reason, no logic, to be rationalised, to be explained.

Paradoxical enough to make your head hurt isn't it?

And if this didn't make any sense, attribute it to fatigue.
Even I know that just because nobody understands me sometimes, it doesn't make me an artist.

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