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November 02, 2008


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I have always felt that blogging has been an art where people express their experiences in the best manner.

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I have always felt that blogging has been an art where people express their experiences in the best manner.
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I love how Ubisoft created this. It's amazing. I liked Far Cry 2, and i never really collected all the interviews with the Jackal.

And to Anuj, i am not on this page because i care about the situation in Africa, but because i liked the game Far Cry 2.

Well done Ubi, i would like it if something like this would be created based on Far Cry 3. Because i will absolutely get that game.

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Oh please respect others post... no bad words man.!

alex jamieson

wow. Ubisoft did those clips pretty well. they've really got the whole, sort of, feeling that the jackal has. bravo.

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its so stupid people,
The reason there are only CLIPS
is because there are no INTERVIEWS!!!!

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But How can you be sure the Jackal is Jack Carver ?

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i liked the jackal he was the only one in the game.

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in 20018 i will hunt and kill the jackal i also encurage you to take photos of the weapons so i know how much heat they are paking and some maps

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The producers may feel its a "given" and not worthy of comment, but obviously its not widely known outside the music biz, as demonstrated by all the stories and buzz. Therefore, it is worthy of comment, and notice if they are going to use a recording instead of a live performance.

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Unfortunately, my mixes are not online as I can't do it and don't know how to...but I'll see if we can sort something out with hypernova and we'll try to post something too... ;-)


This is 2 years over due... FC2 was the most emotionally provocative piece of media I have ever experienced.

Thanks UBI


truth is i wanna be him feel him, he's telling you that there is no end,no end to anything as long as you keep yourself fit and that only you can be the reason to your failure


i liked the jackal he was the only one in the game i trusted he's trying to tell you that he's good he's even always even he can make it even and that u can trust him but he's got his way HIS its the most inspiring character thanks to the guy who used his creativity to spread the words of THE JACKAL


Wrong debate people..
I was personally stuck in one of the African countries while xenophobic attacks were on... And guyz it is not pretty.

It is not a matter of real character or not a real character...What matters is the message... Africa is happening.. THIS IS REALITY.. I am glad that at least the players, even only for iota of a second, empathized with the happenings in Africa..debate on the right issues... not that this is fake, that is fake... of course this is a game.. there are some fictional characters.. of course there is exaggeration... of course...there is no one-man-army that can dodge bullets.. But I am glad this game had a pretty positive ending.. it made heroes out of ordinary people...the reporter.. buddies trying to make a difference.... jackal.. protagonist.. at least! something more than merely a game...

How does it matter if this site is just a promotional gimick.... You came here, that itself means you at least wanted something more than just entertainment.. may be you were concerned.. or in some exceptional cases you are a pathetic cynic who wants nothing more than prove his intelligence by showing its all fake... Gosh !! people everyone knows this was a game.. But, definitely there is more to it..

What ? good question... At least empathize.. at least be happy that you are not stuck in such place.. at least (God forbid) if stuck in a quandry, next time choose the right side... And in case more than of course being a world citizen you can always help.. there are multiple social service org... pick one.. contribute...

Kudos.. Farcry 2 team...


wow stupid people,
The reason there are only CLIPS
is because there are no INTERVIEWS!!!!
jesus fucking christ...if fifty million people told you gravity pulls shit down, would you still stand in disbelief?
now, once more, THIS IS NOT FUCKING REAL!!!!!!!!

william dennis

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Guess you're very clever to see the things in that way, you really make my day.....
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william dennis

are you talking about a blog page, or just somewhere to store the files?


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christopher william d

Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that numbers of people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their government and have gone to war, and millions have been killed because of this obedience. . . Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves, and all the while the grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem.

william dennis

What is war? War is the bane of our existence as a human race; the downfall of what was once a beautiful world now with its imaginary borders seen only on paper and through the eyes of humans. Borders that seem so significant that we can justify the cold blooded murder of our neighbors for our glorious nations. Only then will we wipe the blood clean from our hands calling this mindless act of insanity an act of patriotism? That we are in fact fighting for what is said to be of noble cause only by the grand thieves running our nations and the corrupt congressmen pumping their cleaver propaganda into our daily news giving us the false sense of security we need to make us feel as if what we are doing to each other is acceptable? I think not. Oh but our bombs and cleaver weapons that we continue to mass-produce may yet be the solution to all of our problems. All of these are in fact the tools of hatred wielded by all those who have a never-ending lust for power and dominion over others. The smoke and rubble made by our bombs and nuclear warfare blind us from the truth making it seemingly impossible to love one another and live in harmony. This is war, this is what war has done to us not only as individual nations but as individual beings. Wake up! Act! Simply put your thoughts of peace and rebellion against devastation and hatred to action! And surely we can make even a little difference. Oh sure there will be those who tell you that theres no point in trying; that theres no point in doing anything to fix what we have done to the fair face of this beautiful world, but there is still hope for us! I have chosen to post my article on this blog in hope that maybe even one person will join the struggle against hatred (as there are clearly those who i believe do care about the matter as in MF's case; and those who clearly do not)

What a cruel thing is war...to fill our 
hearts with hatred instead of love for our 

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