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October 19, 2008


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there is a priest in Pala that can help you in your search for civilians. He's part of the underground.

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I've lived in small town Ohio all my life. Not once has a tornado done any destruction in town, until 2 weeks ago.

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Is there a cease-fire in action? If so, I didnt realise it. It seems it isnt a very steady one as the mercs are using "shoot first, ask questions later" doctrines on the checkpoints, which isnt very "keep the peace" of them...

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I think that it has to be so difficult to people who live near there people they have to feel afraid about everything that can be happening.


well in this case I support you, where's the civilian? in this battlefield there's not soldier not civilian, the only think that I saw is people shooting each others.


Do you know the names of the mercenaries went at mike's bar??

Jonathan Dyambubarika

Bon journee, Reuben. Does Marty still need that FAL I just shipped in? It's gathering dust and I dislike cleaning things that will go to waste.

I hate foreign nationals.

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What exactly does the US military have against the Peace Corp?
I've been in the army myself but not the Peace Corp, but I've always wondered why there seemed to be restrictions on Peace Corp members from joining the military. Grant it, I'm sure someone will answer that one is about peace and the other war, but I think when you scratch the surface their missions aren't too different.

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Did all the civil wars in Africa have the same effect on civilians?
Did the civil wars of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Angola, etc. all involve the same type of effect on the human population? Because it seems that as I research it they all involved amputations by rebels and child soldiers. Is there anything else?

- -duck

真实的故事?(I'm is chines)


Is this stuff all real?

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CN x CHeMiiCaLz [DoW]

Think about it... mabe the Jackal acc. knows a few things, yea... Then the smart thing would be to gain his trust considering you so easily "keep in touch with him" you might jus wanna be on his good side when the bad shit goes down, cause I garentee he'll be one of the people to survive n' he might help you out... You know its coming too the factions will be your downfall and the Mercs.
Its too much to ask for there to be a safezone in that shit hole forever, there will be an all out war by the time all of this has spred around so much... this info wont particularly, excite them and they'll come after you for it, And I wonder who could help you with that?? -_- - "DoW'/CNC"

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When the State Department threatened to forcibly assign U.S. Foreign Service personnel to Iraq in late 2007, many diplomats read about it in the press before hearing about it from their superiors.


I agree with sensical. I already had to deal with the "shoot first, ask questions later" policy !


Finished my latest job , cleared some room on my calendar.The more to stir up trouble with.


good pics.sucks for everyone tho


I can see that in the photo all of the people present are from the APR. Why did this country have to be chosen as the one that would house such chaos and war? And the civilians are the ones who are suffering. In my opinion, I don't think that ending the Jackal's life would stop this war. The Factions themselves are the ones that can find peace.


u asshole thats not true ive seen a hundread (dead)

yours truely
the jackel.


Do not forget Fela Kuti! This man truly had a vision for Africa, which is why he was hounded until his death by the (controlled) establishment, because he had the power, through music and charisma, to speak to the people, and inform them about the corrupt multinationals and religious organizations plundering Africa. Here is a documentary featuring some of his music.
Part 1: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=2MdsIeQeKZw
Part 2:
Part 3: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=rW1-8GESFqg
Part 4:

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