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October 01, 2008


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Closing the border is a very, very bad idea, Reuben. You have to trust no one. Except one. He is a merc on the surface, but inside he is a man torn by both his duty and is sense of right and wrong. He can help you.

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Is this actually happening?


watch your back reuben because thats where im putting the knife!


Reuben is proving to be quite the masochist when it comes to operating as a war journalist enclosed in threatening environs. He has something of the freedom-fighter spirit in him, but Reuben is the result when you stop shooting with guns and start shooting with cameras; when you stop penning death writs and start penning articles. But I have a hunch that Reuben isn't going anywhere for a while, despite any of our pleas for him to jump ship. While I don't think Reuben's getting *lazy* in his movements around Port Selao, it's becoming increasingly important (there's an understatement for you) for him to sharpen his guerrilla tactics as he moves about the country. He's going to have to render himself a constantly-moving target. So, Reuben -- you're not leaving, we get that. Just *keep moving*.


It's a terrible tragedy which unfolds. Hopefully something will be done to stop this horror.


Closing the borders is a very bad idea. Imagine a firecracker in the palm of your hand. You set it off, what happens? You burn your hand, right? You close your fist around the same firecracker, Your wife's gonna be opening your ketchup bottles the rest of your life. Time to get out of Dodge Reuben!


I agree that either of the two, both APR and UFLL, would be much more direct, even destructive. In the Jackal's mind, it could be a way of showing you that he has the final decision on anything and everything you do. A way of showing he has dominants over you, by giving you interviews and then taking them away.

However, the border-closing is only for those without travel papers? In that case keep your passport close to you. While I admire your courage Reuben, for staying, it's done. Wait for your chance, or until things get bad enough you have to leave, and get out. If mercs beat a man so thoroughly just for the hell of it, what will they do to you if they have a reason?


Man, its going to be hell there for closing thouse borders. Nothing, but useless factions sharing eachothers and inicents blood for a war that's going no where.


The thing is at some point down the line they will kill you, now that the AU have done this i can`t see the factions giving a rat`s ass about a journalist and at that point you`ll probably be dead already, it`s the truth so to be honest i`d make a break for it while that option is still available to you


(When I say Reuben knows how this will end, I mean he knows it will end in either faction taking control of the country and waging a massacre against the other)


This is a very bad situation, indeed. Why would Reuben stay there if he knows how this is going to end?


Closing the borders is only going to make things worse. It's like they're fencing the violence in, but not to contain it, to provide a playground for the factions wherein they can commence with their bloodshed. Though borders never stopped desperate people- just look at Zimbabwe. Something is building; it is only a matter of time until the figurative dam wall bursts. The country will never be the same again after that, mass scale massacres may become commonplace. It is then that Mr. Oluwagembi will have to lay low, very low.


I have put my thoughts on the tape theft on the previous article. I think that the AU's action was to be expected, they are probably trying to stop weapons getting into the country as well. It is still stupid though, but beauracrats are bearucrats... Reuben has forseen the total rampage Mercenaries can cause, and here it is. How will this war ever end? Something MUST be done...

Issac Silverberg

I won't call your theory impossible, Orderly, but I have to say that it sounds a bit far-fetched. The Jackal allowed Rueben to find him, allowed himself to be interviewed...
I suppose he may have suddenly changed his mind, or that this might be part of some grand scheme of his, but I'm just not convinced. Interesting idea, though.


the AU has always struck me as a "blind leading the blind" situation, but then the UN hasn't done much better in the congo. i wonder if those mercenaries who took your tapes were the jackal's men, mostly because both Mbantuwe and...the other guy whose name i can't remember...have no problem identifying themselves directly to you, whereas there guys were more jackal-style mysterious. not that i pretend to know what his motivations would be in giving you an interview and then rescinding it, but in my mind, the evidence points that way. maybe he was concerned that his interview would attract too much international attention? but then, he seems like the type to plan out a few moves ahead...maybe he's just manipulating you.

Issac Silverberg

Typical. When the AU finds themselves incapable of solving a problem, they instead attempt to quarantine it. At the very least, this should help to prevent the conflict from spilling out into the surrounding countries. Unfortately, it will also keep refuges from doing the same. I hate to say it, but I predict that you will see the rise of forgery-men who will sell their services to the highest bidder; forgery-men who pay protection to the factions. Thus, the factions will profit from this as well.

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