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October 08, 2008


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I love this idea and agree with it almost completely This will provide him with the means to really drive them mad. He'll be working on his public relations too. Then again, a hardened rascal does not help the people. Thanks for sharing with us.

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Your group will need some kind of chip, an encouragement for mercy to help them. I can't deduction what that might be, but I in no doubt anticipate they find something.

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not until this point is good, hopefully rather than an asset becomes a liability!


WOW curelteacher this is real... i know u got this from the farcy2 hompage link...so did I, but I know its real. Its on the hompage to tell us the real story to the jakal and Africa.
I have read all the post and will coninute reading this jorney since i feel deep desier to find out what happens and to learn more about this conflict and how it might end.
BTW- blocking the borders will kill all thouse inicent people some exceptions must be made.


[This is`nt real?, oh well seeing as it is`nt im waiting for the "lol`z and omgzorz" shitstorm to come.]
I can`t imagine the jackal agreeing to helping the parish.
Anyone remember the frenchman being being denied the canteen a while back?, just doesn't sound like something our "pal" would do.



I for myself quite late joined this blog (around September) cause I've been for weeks in Australia this summer. And I really like it...and I am with Silverberg - let's enjoy it.

So - I am sure all of the guys (any girl here too?) will participate too in the "Jackal Hunt Contest" see:


Up to the release then - see you there.


[I agree, this is some fancy-footwork marketing. Try not to think about how it's not real, just try your philosophical skills. After all, life is an illusion.]

I don't believe it's necessary to smuggle people out. Reuben may be wanting to do the lawfully correct thing - passing borders legally. But borders are for law-abiding citizens. As for the other 75%, it's easy: chose the straightest route between where you are where you want to get. I can see this around me, 100 of thousands of Zimbabweans are in this country (South Africa), the government doesn't even know they exist. These people don't have cars, they don't have real houses. They don't even have real belongings. They don't need roads to cross borders. They pack a donkey, and cross a mountain or two on the way here. Border controls are no way to stop desperate people.
It's not uncommon to stand 4 hours in a queue to get through an African border- I've done it. It takes much longer sometimes (especially if you can't slip the R500 bribe to smooth your way.) Why would people then bother to pass through border control if they don't even have passports, or even birth certificates? Being illegal in a developed country is a big problem. But over here in Africa, people couldn't care less. Take Mozambique. People live on subsistence farming; build huts from mud, sticks and palm leaves; and don’t have much, if any, contact with the modern world. You don’t need an ID document to do that, why then do they need to be legal in the country?
Closing borders will not affect the population. There is no need for the whole country to get special permission papers to cross the border. The country may become isolated in terms of media and trading, but that’s where it ends.

Issac Silverberg

[Now that I think about it, this is probably written by Patrick Redding.]

Issac Silverberg

[I guess some people never learned to play pretend as a kid.How about we put anything out of character in square brackets like this? I've been wondering who actually writes this blog. Clint Hocking? Susan O'Connor? Who is the real Rueben?]
With this recent development, the country must be more isolated than ever. I wonder how the Jackal gets his shipments in. He most likely has a contact with the AU, or he bribes them. A man who smuggles weapons in would indeed be ideal for smuggling people out, but unfortunately he would also be the least likely to do so.


here's the thing: a buddy and i, maybe isaac too, were the first people to post on this thing, and i'll tell you why we did it, and why we chose to perpetuate this bit of fiction: this is an incredibly well done piece of interactive marketing, maybe not the first of its kind, but almost certainly, in my opinion, the best. we participate to see where whoever is in charge of this thing takes it next. to me, what people like you are doing is like standing up in the middle of a movie and saying "man, you know this isn't real, right?" yes. we're aware, but we're enjoying it anyway, so, please, be respectful to both the participants and the ubisoft team, and if you have nothing to contribute, say nothing at all.


This blog may be about specific fictional events but I think it is representative of events currently happening in Africa and even though Reuben may not be real, someone is writing the stuff put up here and that person is equally able to give us answers on things that may or may not be happening. Then again who knows, maybe Reuben is real.


Of course we do, its an alternate reality thing isn't it?


I hope people realize that Reuben's not real...


Ruben, I know as a journalist you must frown upon violence but there must be times when taking up arms or wishing harm against some of these people seems appropriate. How do you deal with that?


i think the AU's real question should be "who's paying these mercs and how?" the concept of containment is only as effective as its efforts at cutting off the flow of materiel into the country (that's the french spelling, haters). the jackal, actually, isn't a bad idea. better the devil you're unsure of than the devil who's more likely to sell out to the APR or UFLL if they're likely to pay more. are the APR or UFLL arrayed on ethnic lines? i'd be more concerned about genocide if that was the case, instead of "simply" political.


Not to cheapen the issues affecting Port Selao, nor to create a *perfect* metaphor for this case in point, but the African Union's actions combat the civil war as uselessly as DRM (digital rights management) combats software piracy. Restricting movement in and out of the borders will undoubtedly thresh a punishing existence on the innocent citizens stuck within the country, while individuals that have always moved around the dotted lines drawn by the government will proceed, business as usual, with barely a 'hitch' in their 'giddyup.' The Jackal, as well as the brass from the APR and UFLL among them, I'm sure. And the mercenaries stuck within the borders -- who apparently don't have the underground savvy to get out of Port Selao -- will contribute to the violent greenhouse effect accumulating within the nation's borders. (You'll have to excuse me if it's Mixed Metaphor Day in my head; I hope my barely-tangible ideas of the situation there are at least readable, even if they're wrong.)


Uhmmm, a mercenary that is prepared to go up against the factions? It sounds like you need someone like... I don't know, the Jackal? He fits the bill. Who else can take on both factions and come out the victor? His motivations have been dark so far, I can't think of any reason why he would be- as was said- altruistic. Then again, neither can I think of a reason why he would not help. See, he has been wanting to stir things up lately. With that business with the interview, he's already partly succeeded. This will provide him with the means to really drive them mad. He'll be working on his public relations too. Then again, a hardened rascal does not help the people. They're selfish and arrogant. I don't know enough about the Jackal's character to know which it is.

Issac Silverberg

I'm assuming it's rare for mercenaries to do anything altruistic or compassionate. This organization will need some kind of bargaining chip, an incentive for mercs to help them. I can't guess what that might be, but I sure hope they find something.

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