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October 12, 2008


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Hurricane Ike really did a job here in Ohio. I can't remember the number but the remnant windstorm brought down well over 30 trees on the golf course and left us cleaning up storm debris for nearly two weeks.

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I do not think Reuben could be considered a freelancer, CruelTeacher. The assassin is probably a highly trained merc, maybe ex-special forces. There is little reason why he cant just shoot his way past a checkpoint. Im glad someone is prepared to take the Jackal down, even if it for an ulterior motive.

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That must be a common misconception, that America is there to help the poor sad third world country. American politicians have absolutely no interest when it comes to the living situation in the Middle East, and even if they did, there's practically no way to modernize the contry without the suport of their people not to mention ours (America's). The main motivation for involvement in those countries was the everlasting energy problem, oil,and on top of that, Saddam was knee-bent on toppling America. How? He attempted to convince other oil-producing nations to convert to the Euro for trade, a currency that should be well familliar to all of us. Why? Every year America makes countless profits thanks to the fact that almost all international trade occurs in dollars. Consequently, the dollar is in demand, and remains strong. In exchange for the dollars neccessary for international marketing, America gains huge amounts of imports while exporting relatively little. Normally, such economic action would mean America's loss of money, since in a stable economic plan the value of your imports should equal that of your exports. Money in, money out, check books reamin balanced. But America exports money. And in reality, currency is just a symbol of wealth, we're really gaining boat-loads for the cost of printing paper. (Not even that, since transactions can occur electronically. Banks nonetheless must have a store of moneyin order to pay out withdrawals.) Back to Afghnistan now. If Saddam succeeded in getting oil trade on Euro basis, America is losing money, not to mention oil. Taking out Saddam was protection of our foriegn interets.

In all honesty, the third world is like a colony, you get its resources for cheap, at the expense of defending your interests in it. (Manpower)


Lol Tom... Get a clue... your country is not saving anyone, or solving any problems in Iraq or Afghanistan. It is the problem. And I hate people who try to sound so intelligent and above all just because you may know a thing or two that someone else doesn't know. Educate yourself, draw your own conclusions instead of repeating others, and then you'll know the truth.


Lol, thats not a problem Sensical, consider it more of a correction than an outburst. Its just that our soldiers dont get very well treated when they get back home, and it angers me the way they are treated as government pupets and not the heros they are. I accept that Americans are considered World Enemy Number 1, as they are probably the most uneducated in religious education! Anyway, back on topic, I belive this assassin is arriving within the next few days, so good luck to him! I wounder if Reuben will be writing more posts?


Fair enough, Tom. I don't presume to speak for every nation. And with the overall global opinion of the United States faring so poorly right now, it's sometimes easy to forget that we have cohorts in this effort. Of course England and America have been long-standing allies. You'll have to pardon my dramatic-effect labeling of [blank] vs. America in regard to the wars in the Middle East. Chalk it up to American Ignorance -- I'll accept that. Now, with that apology out of the way, please allow me this back-handed slight by saying: Calm down, Tom. Nobody intended to offend you and/or all of the British Isles here. No, I didn't refer to the conflict as the completely unwieldy "Afghani and NATO-Taliban/Al Quaeda war." I'll work on an acronym for next time, though.


May I remind you, Sensical, that the "American-Afghanistan" war was, and still is, being fought by more than just those two factions. As a Briton, and a strong believer in a United Earth, I am offended that you can not include the British task force of units such as 3 Para. The war is a united effort, and there has been terrorist attacks in more than just 9/11. The london bombings and also the Train bomb in Madrid, for example. Our blood fills the ground as well as our American comrades. The British have the second highest casualty rate yet the higest kill/death ratio, because we are arguably, the best trained soldiers in the world. 3 Para is an elite unit, and they deserve better than to be missed out when you dare to say "American-Afghistan" war. The correct title should be: Afghani and NATO-Taliban/Al Quaeda war. My appologies for going so off topic, but America is not the only country in what could be called World War 3. Tyrany MUST be fought whereever it is found, the Human race must unite under the banner of freedom or die in a war caused by religion, corruption, greed and power.


With no prior-existing knowledge of this assassin (aside from the fact that this hired killer's resume is likely filled with enough successful missions to, indeed, be called an assassin), I'm hard pressed to believe that The Jackal will be taken down so...easily. Not that a broad-sweeping army could accomplish that either. That's even less likely, of course. Killing The Jackal seems like it would have to be a surgical procedure (as far as precision), not a military one, per se, though anything less than military planning would be doubtful to see it through; while random happenstance simply won't take down a character such as The Jackal either. What keeps The Jackal alive, I hypothesize, is made of the same intangible "stuff" which kept a friend of mine alive during his time spent in the current American-Afghanistan war. My wife and I have known this friend since college, and we've wordlessly, ever since he dropped out of the university to join the Marine Corps, that he would never be killed in any "expected" manner for a Marine. He will die a random, unforeseen death. Nothing short of a freak accident will take him down. And that's proven true to this day. He should've died dozens of times during enemy action in Afghanistan. But, I suppose, my friend didn't necessarily dodge any bullets *with his name* on them. But just as dangerously, there were thousands of bullets simply addressed "to whom it may concern." And fortunately, while he's currently walking around the University of Oregon (he's back in school now), he probably sets off campus metal detectors with as much shrapnel as he'd gathered from splash damage during his time in conflict.


@Tom....hmmm - maybe some inofficial official task force playing world peace keeper again involving now?!

Or just some new adventureres, full of testosterone just hanging around?

We'll see what the next week will bring us.


I would love to know who is hanging out in Mike's Bar in Leboa Seko. I wonder if its like the Cantina, with all sorts of low lifes and violence mongers or if its a calm eye of a hurricane for westerners.

With the AU out there must still be European and American adventurers, radicals and danger-seekers who exist in the midst of any disaster.


We dont know for sure who this assasin is. He could be special forces, but who knows? Im not saying whoever is being sent in isnt ready, i'm saying maybe this assasin might not be a special forces shooter, but a smuggler of some sort, or hell, maybe an ex-insurgent. All of these "occupations" give the qualities needed to go after someone like the Jackal.


I do not think Reuben could be considered a freelancer, CruelTeacher. The assassin is probably a highly trained merc, maybe ex-special forces. There is little reason why he cant just shoot his way past a checkpoint. Im glad someone is prepared to take the Jackal down, even if it for an ulterior motive.


I am sure that there will be much more than just one assassin who will be after the jackal in the upcoming weeks...and they will seek for every piece of information they can get. I am sure you will meet some of them, maybe an opportunity for you to earn some cash.

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