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October 22, 2008


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Reuben, be very carful about the Jackal. I have met him. Tall, maybe a few years older than you. He looks like an old friend of mine, Jack Carver. Anyway, meet me in Mike's in two days. I have another of your tapes.
Good luck.

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actually, the point I was making is that it is only obvious to the people here. I just had to tell my friend not to fill up her car until later in the week, to just put in enough gas to tide her over since gas prices have to come down since oil is going down. She literally had no idea.

Sinn Fein

The British and American Govts, however, are pratcically synonomous with the words 'illegal invasions'.

Sinn Fein

I'd like to express that this so called 'assassin', who may as well be an Irishman, was never ordered there by the Government. We have records of him. His name is Frank Bilders. An ex-IRA member, Bilders after being released from rehab, he was picked up be three men with American accent. I would advise you to cast your suspicions on the US Govt rather than the Irish. We want to get the British out of here, so we will have no time sending in Irishmen to infiltrate a foreign state which has no proven connection with Ireland whatsoever.


Same Shit Diferent Day men, but I have oly one question:
is The Jackal living or he's dead?


is it based on true and real event ?

coz,in far cry 2 it all have a same event like reuben wrote also the jackal and both militia faction...

CN x CHeMiiCaLz [DoW]

Just look in Bowa-Seko, the Jackal uses an island in the lake as a trade base. Or home until he has the need to deport from the contry... Ive personally been there, ~unwillingly~. - And look for PNAs considering the situation is getting hotter and hotter it may start to rate a sidebar. Im pretty sure nether faction is going to like you eather for all this info... I'd keep my eye open with them too. - "DoW'/CNC"


I'm just wondering if the ending the video game (Far Cry 2) Did happen when you were there


Mike here. Not the bar owner, but one more important than that. I was responsible for keeping an eye on the 'assassin' and I made a pretty useful discovery. The man appears to have no real motivation, and acceots the diamonds almost grudgingly. He also has no problem with killing anyone standing in the way of his mission. Be aware, Reuben, this man is not to be underestimated. I myself witnessed the massacre of about 30 militia( APR ). He has enough weapons to fight a small army. I'll have more information soon, and Reuben, one of your tapes is at a small train crossing, with about 7 militia as guards.


Whoever the assassin may be, he must be highly skilled, experienced, and well armed. He must also have connections. How would he find the Jackal? That is, assuming he hasn't been found by the Jackal...

This has become a continually deteriorating situation. Who's safe? Nobody. Good luck, and good day.


It really amazes me how a man like reuben could be out in that war-torn country and keep a calm head. Also how he can look at someone who looks like a regular thug and see something different in him is just baffling.




From the book: 'Confessions of an economic hitman' - when the large corporate and banking interests failed in taking 'complete' control of foreign economies and land, they would send in the 'jackals', who were usually CIA/Special Forces trained and deployed to either assassinate leaders OR destabilize the regions so that the foreign big interests can go ahead with their agendas. The Jackal is a play on words - he was put there for a purpose, to arm both sides of a conflict and sustain it, thus destabilizing the nation. That's why he was also giving his arms away - who is funding the jackal i wonder? In Africa in particular the global elite eugenicists have done much to keep the people down - promoting starvation, controlling crops, sending in arms to keep the people fighting, controlling both sides of all conflicts (UFLL & APR for example) and even flat out eugenics like sterilization and creating the HIV virus. The Jackal is an agent for these globalist interests. period. See the trailer for FC2? Shows the jackal in special forces uniform.


It all depends on the person you've chosen to play as (there are 8 or 9 avatars you can chose from). You can play as a Chinese guy for example.
I appreciate your concern Reuben, but I'll be fine. Don't worry.


I have heard many men say this man, this assassin is an Irishman. I do not know his name yet but i'll keep trying to find out.


Let me guess. The poor sod had malaria, didn't he? Just about everyone's got it there


SOMEone of some significance has backed this mercenary. Whoever this is who has an interest in taking down the Jackal will have the resources and foresight to hire someone capable of the job. This person arrives on the scene with the backing and confidence of some substantial player.
I would not underestimate the operative.


Reuben, each day I closely follow your blog and any updates you post. I'm closely following the war, although, not as closely and immersed in it as you are. I just want to give you a piece of advice: No two mercaneries are the same, they all come from different backgrounds, had different experiences and have their own character. I simply want to state that, you shouldn't generalise these mercaneries, as perhaps, this one which you've just recently met, is different. You never know, he can go very far in his mission.

Issac Silverberg

Reuben, on October 3rd you said that you were going to post your notes from your most recent interview online. Did those notes get confiscated before you had a chance to do so?

Supposing this assassin manages to take down the Jackal, what will become of the country? Will there be peace at last, or will another arms dealer rise to take the Jackal's place? Lastly: from what you know of the Jackal, does he seem like the kind of man this assassin could bring down, or is he out of his league?


To a certain degree, The Jackal must be aware that this assassin has some clout and or ability. Otherwise it would seem a tad superfluous for The Jackal to remove himself from his regular haunts. Then again, as you ascertain, The Jackal isn't just one or two but actually *five* steps ahead of this hired killer. Hunter becomes the hunted, yadda yadda. But again, while taking down The Jackal sounds like a tremendous undertaking, I still have to negatively speculate on what will happen should The Jackal be taken down. Would peace suddenly erupt, simply because everyone's run out of bullets? I see that machetes are plentiful here as well. And I have to refer back to the "Dread Pirate Roberts" theory that could prove itself factual if The Jackal is killed -- whether we know if The Jackal is killed or not. Either way, it seems inevitable that this will be a prolonged campaign, as The Jackal isn't simply going to prove himself a 'soft target,' of course. This assassin will undoubtedly have to embed himself into the local landscape and civil war culture in order to 'mask his scent' from The Jackal. It may only be that after the assassin himself becomes, somehow, indigenous to this place will he be able to bring down his very wary foe.


Just be careful Reuben, he is a Mercenary after all, and he probably dosent know much about the situation here. It wont take him long to assess himself and start doing what he does best...


I don't think you're being hunted Reuben, first of all, you don't know if the assassin/s has/have any access to internet or to your tapes ,so he probably don't know about you and about your meetings with the jackal, but be aware, he we will probably join UFLL or APR, and I think they will be happy to tell the assassin/s about you.


Yeah Reuben...I just can second CMcAfee - YOU are being hunted too - as you are the best source to get more infos of the jackal.

Keep your eyes open...lots of new mercenaries will flood into this days.


Keep in mind that this man is probably very ruthless to accept this task, and in desperation you could become a target for information that you don't have. Think about it; you are the only person the Jackel has allowed to interview him (I am guessing), why? To a desperate mind in search of clues it could appear that there is a deeper connection between the Jackel and you than actaully exists. Keep this man at arms length, as it were.

[And buy the way, excellent work here. I feel privilaged to have been a viewer since the start. Today is a good day.]

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