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September 17, 2008


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callam b

i would ask the jackal does he have family or freinds maybe even a son that may want to carry the jackal legacie on , throught laboa sako ?


If it were me interviewing the Jackal, I would ask this.

Why does he do what he does? Money? Power? Respect?

Or is he just a madman who's only desire is to watch the world burn


Ask him about his childhood, how does such a man come to be?


oh...okay thanks

Issac Silverberg

It's ok, Sebastian. He usually posts on Wednesdays.


Its two days when u where suposed to have ur 2nd intervew whats going on... r u okay ? Pease post to let us know.

Issac Silverberg

I've thought of another question for him: "Describe the first time you ever sold a weapon or ammunition."


Hmmm... I'd be worried if I were you Reuben. He WANTS to talk, wants to bring you in closer to himself. One of the first things they teach you in ANY dangerous or potentially dangerous occupation is to avoid establishing routines; it makes you an easy target. So to attend a particular cafe on any regular basis is a clear breach of this routine security precaution, especially considering it right in the middle of his AO. You might want to ask him why he's taking these risks in order to contact you and what his plans for you are. He'll lie of course, but the easiest lies to maintain are based in fact with only a few key details changed from the truth.
(please excuse the double post)


Ask why he does what he does. Is it for the money, the challenge or does he just want to see the world burn.


While The Jackal's answers cut "to the heart of the man," I'm wondering if you'd get a straight answer for this: Has he been the only Jackal? I'm not so naive as to think that "dispatching" The Jackal (as in, putting to death) would actually end The Jackal and his legacy. I'm wondering if we might have a "Dread Pirate Roberts" on our hands -- if you recall the American movie The Princess Bride (where, even when the original Dread Pirate Roberts died, his legacy was passed to another, like a familial heirloom, and to another). So, while it's possible that this *particular* Jackal has been working in Port Selao since at least 1992, it's also viable that another Jackal existed before then, and before then ... The Jackal that you're speaking directly to could be a second or third or fourth (who knows?) generation or iteration of The Jackal.


war is madness, that's for certain...i think, reuben, it's key to stay with the classics; who, when, where, why, etc, but all of those are immaterial when faced with the "what". what is the identity of the jackal? not the "who", because the name is just a name when compared to the character of the man. you're looking for the concept of what he is, because he consciously created the jackal. why would he do that, other than to scare the locals. he created the new identity for himself, and what is that identity capable of? what are his plans, or more importantly, what's his game? he can fill you in on the tactics, but it's the strategy, the endgame that you're after. stick with the "whats", reuben.


By still being in Port Selao you have shown that you take great care in your actions, but I would still advise you to be very carefull in your conversations with this man. To put it simply, he has allowed you to find him, and the only reason I can see for him to do this is to use you toward his own ends. Do not let your guard down for even a moment!
Stay safe.


You should get a photo of him. And If it were me giving the interview, I would shoot him where he sat.

Simply ask him; "why?"

(The guy who made that random and disturbing comment please just bugger off and get yourself shot)


Hey Reuben,
Good job in finally tracking down the Jackal. Will you be posting a photo of him anytime soon (purely for research purposes you understand)? My question to the Jackal would be this: what do you want from this? What possible reason could you have for causing so much suffering?


Not many people must be going here because no one is posting randomass commets like me. But then I haven't had sex with a man in 28 years and I'm only 33. That's what hurts the most I think. Overall its a clever idea though but doesn't seem to be drawing the hits.

Lee Edgerton

Awesome work Reuben! Nice find...

So you've asked him what he is doing in Africa. Why the secrecy? Why the name "The Jackal"? And how has this man, whom no one truly knows, is known and feared by all?

Yes, that's more than one, but I'm truly interested, why all the secrecy?

Stay well Reuben and don't let your guard down for a second...



nice to know your okay, i have a question for you... r u considering to take a picture of the jakal?


I would ask the Jackal, "how do you break a man's mind"?


hello again Reuben, Firstly, how is Michael? Has his Hearing returned?
Congratulations on meeting your protagonist and walking away from it!

My question for The Jackal is:
What truth, above all other, would he have us know?

Be well Reuben and be mindful of Hope and Mikela.

Issac Silverberg

A man like the Jackal inspires fear. Fear of war, pain and death. Even his name inspires this fear. But although he has become like a god in the minds of the people, he is still just a man: flesh and blood.

So I would ask the Jackal:
"What do YOU fear?"


ask him if he was beaten as a child


I'm glad that you have finally met the Jackal, especially under circumstances as amicable as these. If you would, ask him if his goal in this conflict is to: "break" the very system he works for, to play in his own, gruesome, sandbox (Port Selao), or to, in some sense, punish the warlords by fueling the conflict (as is suggested by some of your recently posted graffiti).

Take care Reuben, and be careful. Your path so far has been hard enough, but it is likely that this new knowledge you walk around with may get you into yet more trouble.

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