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November 05, 2008


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Is the Jackal dead? Are his methods supernatural, or simply tricks made to fool an innocent mind? I saw the Jackal's body die, but his legend is immortal. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, but keep away from the dead.

You have been warned...

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The recent developments I have caused in this country lead me between the mercenaries. There isn't a source of authority to be found...and I am sitting low until then. I am here for the diamonds, not petty fighting. I am a survivor. This chaotic period won't last Reuben...and neither will your 'peaceful' office job. You are the last reporter of your kind in this country. Choose wisely.

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haha...yeah - you got it...and, don't be surprised WE ALL do know that...now ongoing for months, but no problem with that, just be a part of this (fictional) world.


Cant wait for FarCRY3 !!!!!
Awesome idea to make whole fictitious world. I wish they continue with it rather than let it get abandoned.


Remarkable work of fiction. Providing a backstory long enough to be convincing is a great addition to the freeform experience FarCry2 provides.

I hope to see more games developed with such high standards of gameplay and backstory quality. Especially interesting would be a multiplayer experience including the effort of crossing vast well-defended maps.

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My gosh this isn't real. Very creative though and tons interesting. For everyone who has never played the game. THE JACKAL is DEAD. LAST mission of game you choose whether to blow up a cliff covering a pass, which will kill you because you have to manually set off the charges or take diamonds to the border crossing and help the civilians, which you promised to shoot yourself in the head anyway. Whichever one of those you don't pick the Jackal does for you.


The safer choice is probably the smarter one but Africa needs you. Theres not many people who have the courage and dedication as you. Stay, report, and show the world. The Jackal can't hide forever.


Same Shit Diferent Day men, but I have oly one question:
is The Jackal living or he's dead?


el perro just beacuse a man can do something doesnt meen he will do it. it depneds on how weak a man is, mind over matter

The Jackal

Reuben, don't make that four-part show with my tapes or I'll kill you...slowly....and I'll relish in it.


Its not wise from the developers to jump in and discuss various things about a fictional characters just to keep things in motion. Instead they should focus on the REAL game (FAR CRY 3) and the development of the game storyline.




rofl i cant believe people actually think this is real


My name; you do not need to know but if you insist some, some call me the shadow, others Dark, for i come swiftly silently and brutally with out a sound, I have come here for nothing else but to eliminate the Jackal and all who get in my way for diamonds are nothing without the crimson tint of blood and the pleasure of chaos that follows. I am death and the Jackal knows it he hides at the very whisper of my presence for he know he cannot escape retribution.


Rueben I would think hard before taking this position seriously as the real story has yet to unfold. The Jackal has many guises and his reputation is world-renowned, so, like the Pimpernel or The Ripper, he will be elusive to the last.

Henry K. (hkobb7)

Mr. Oluwagembi, I would recommend that you take the Joburg job. You'll be able to put your information about the Jackal and the mercenary tasked to kill him into the mainstream, and without this chance, the knowledge of these two people will forever be relegated to this blog. This kind of loss of knowledge should be an awful concept for a journalist like yourself.

El Perro

El Bueno.


Take the assignment. You have to do what you do because nobody else will. If anything endures throughout history it is the written account of it. Whether it's published widely or not, you have to do it. It's the right thing to do.

He was right, you know. "What a man can do is what a man will do."


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U luvs ets 2s?


So Where in Africa is this war going on at?

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