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October 10, 2008


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Why the hell did I click that link? That was sacrilegious, deviant, jarring, morally offensive to every fiber of my being.

Remember, this is the crowd that leads the masses to go vote for Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, and Jerry Brown. You should be ashamed of yourselves, Californians.

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Well, they are responsible for Pelosi so you gotta figure they have a basic lack of respect for anyone else.

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these game is awesome... most of my friends say that this is real... n my bro said so too.... but... very interesting!


I have been playing FCII for a few months and love the game.

I think I have a module of the 4th world. I cannot find a walk through for it. There is a Building in the town of Mostle Selao that has a Diamond case on the Roof. I cannot figure how to get up there.


Same Shit Diferent Day men, but I have oly one question:
is The Jackal living or he's dead?

The Jackal

Man up dude an pick up a gun then KILL KILL KILL KILL KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILL !


When and where does this take place? I need the jackal...


Wait is the guy in the game based on a real reporter or is this just a make pretend bloq?


Awesome game, and dispite the Jackal sounding a lot like he should be in a straight jacket, he seems like the kind of bloke I could have a laugh with knocking back a few pints with a vert dry sence of humour and anarchistic views of the world.

See you in the game guys, but you may not see me...


is this really the guy who the journalist in farcry 2 was based on?


He post it in real way, because the "cruel" world in game is nothing compared to cruelty in Africa in our world. You simply don't realize what the war is. I appreciate his efforts to show ypu even a small part of this sickness.


Fuck!this is good GAME, but she is very sucks


May god be with you reuben, your bravery is something that I haven't seen in a man like you before. It's very gratifying to see a reporter like you get close to someone that regular mercs can't. Good luck.


This is all from a game Far Cry2 but why try and make it so real???


Good luck with that interview Reuben.


"There are days I feel like a writer and other days, like today, where English feels like a foreign language." That sparks my memory of a recent missive sent from my brother-in-law. He's frighteningly well-traveled through the Middle East (and beyond). But just two weeks ago, he was visiting the Province of Novgorad in Russia. His visa expired on a Tuesday, but his train out of Russia didn't cross the border back into Estonia until 2 a.m. Wednesday morning. They stopped the train, rounding up my brother-in-law and another man -- another expired-visa traveler who happened to be an Italian -- as one of the train's authorities shouted at them both: "You will NOT leave Russia!" But those were the only words the Russian spoke in English. As the two of them were detained, the Italian gesticulated wildly at the Russians, his voice rising and rising in volume; but after they continued to ignore him, the Italian blasted, "See? See?! They don't even speak English here!"

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