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August 23, 2008


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As I returned from a Southern Hemisphere holiday, where temperatures were nearly 40 degrees C, I was shocked by the unusually cold weather in the UK. The winters in the UK are usually much milder than this as we all know, so what is going on with the weather? If you don’t know already, read on to find out and to read 10 top tips on driving safely during the snow period.

In most winters, especially in the past 20 years or so, winds reaching the UK normally came from the south-west. This meant the air had travelled over the relatively warm Atlantic and we got mild conditions in the UK. However, over the past three weeks the Atlantic air has been ‘blocked’ and cold air has been flowing down from the Arctic or the cold winter landmass of Europe (Met Office).

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What exactly does the US military have against the Peace Corp?
I've been in the army myself but not the Peace Corp, but I've always wondered why there seemed to be restrictions on Peace Corp members from joining the military. Grant it, I'm sure someone will answer that one is about peace and the other war, but I think when you scratch the surface their missions aren't too different.


it you look at the bottom of that shipping document (bottom right hand corner) you will see the letters FC2 with stands for "Far Cry 2" ...strange


First you personal driver and now it's Wayne...

Big Mistake

I'm actually suprised Wayne survived for so long.

Issac Silverberg

I hate to be rude, Victor, but perhaps the broken nose and jaw, burnt flesh and stab wounds were clues? If it was suicide, he would most likely only have one stab wound. Furthermore, Wayne Mudekwa was a man who stood for truth and peace, and he would stop at nothing to bring both back to his country. This is not the kind of man who commits suicide.


Why Mr. Reuben do you think he has been murdered?, if it was that so, who do you think that could have killed him?
The Jackal? or a paramilitar organization?.


Awesome ! Can't wait for FC2

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